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Ever thought that wicking is just too hard? Too time consuming or wasteful? COTN is here to save the day with their amazing threads! 

Each of the 20 threads in your pack comes with two ends coated in plastic (similar material to a shoelace) best for easy poking and prodding through basically any coil. For best results simply, thread them through your coil, snip the plastic ends off, and you're wicked.

Each thread fits up to a 3mm coil (any diameter of coil above 3mm won't be snug enough for a good vape), and the taste is something else. If you like Bacon, you'll love these.

Each COTN Thread is packed in a zip lock resealable bag, is fully certified organic, and is derived from pharmaceutical grade sources. Where'd you come from, where'd you go, buy some COTN threads now, don't be slow, slow, slow!

What's in the box:

  • 1 x 20 pack of COTN Threads

Premium Cotton Threads Australia