Freemax Gemm Starter Kit

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This would be a diamond in the rough if it wasn't so smooth: the Freemax Gemm Starter Kit!

Freemax have knocked it out of the park with a super simple kit ready to get you on the move with the push of a button. It contains a chunky 2900mah battery and its tanks are a respectable up to 5ml capacity!

The Gemm Mod can be adjusted between three different wattage levels with three clicks of the fire key, and even automatically detects the resistance of your tanks coil up top to make sure you never go too hot. The fire button also has an LED built in to indicate battery level and all the standard protections we know, love and need, like short circuit, overcharge and overload for examples.

Best thing about the refillable Gemm Tanks? they're recyclable & disposable! What that means is you can kiss goodbye to replacing coils, especially handy if you're a loser (of things, not literally, we love you) or if you're going on a trip and worry about your tank breaking. If a Gemm tank breaks or coil dies, just screw in a new one, no wukkas!

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